My name is Laura Elizabeth. I am a Newcastle upon Tyne based beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger and Journalism student at Newcastle University.

Since around 2012, I have been completely absorbed by the Youtube/Blogger world. I remember first tuning in to the likes of Sammi Maria (thebeautycrush) and Fleur De Force and being completely engorged in their beauty, fashion and lifestyle. As I found more YouTubers, I found their blogs and their friend's blogs, and their recommended blogs... and now here I am with my own. 

I want to use this blog as a leisurely journal. A journey. A diary of my day-to-day life in the North East of England. Recording things I find interesting and any outings/events I find myself within. A good-old mixture of beauty, lifestyle and fashion from a students perspective. 

From the bottom of my heart, I really do hope you enjoy reading this as much as I love writing it. 

And finally, thank you for being a part of it, 



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